Join Sensei Institute for a short course in partitioning. We train you to subdivide homes, commercial properties and open spaces to smaller useful rooms. Our training enables you to comfortably create more private and cozy spaces in open floor plan using wood, glass, aluminum, chipboard, curtains and many more. This allows you to make beautiful and unique spaces for businesses and residence.

Qualification: A national ID.

Duration: 2 months

Fee Structure: The fee for day scholars is Ksh 50,000 and Ksh 64,000 for boarders. The fee is payable is 2 equal installments that is Ksh 25,000 per month for day scholars and Ksh 32,000 per month for boarders.


  1. 2 Copies of your National ID.
  2. 4 passport photos.
  3. Blankets, Sheets, Plate, Cup, Spoon, Cup, Toiletries, Bucket etc.
  4. Bank Deposit
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