How to Start a Photography Business

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Establishing a photography business is an excellent idea that you get numerous benefits. The times we are living in are calling for innovation and creativity. For you to get a decent income, you have to go an extra mile and get a good skill. One of the things you can do is to start a photography business either as a side income or the main income. All you need to have is the passion and inner drive to make this business succeed.

Before we proceed let’s also learn the different types of photography that are available. When you know this different types you will know where to specialize and grow your skills better.

Types of photography

Any photography business will fall in any of these categories, therefore, it is good that you know the different types before we discuss how to start this business.

1. Architectural Photography – deals with the interior and exterior design of buildings and structures.

2. Editorial Photography – mostly done for illustrating articles and stories in Magazines, Newspapers, Leaflets, Newsletters etc.

3. Still Life Photography – This is mostly for catalogues, billboards and product images.

4. Sports Photography – focuses on sports men and women in their action as they do their sporting activities.

5. Fashion Photography – focuses on showcasing and glamorizing fashion clothing, shoes, accessories etc. The aim is to sell fashion products to audiences.

6. Event photography – the focus is more on events such as corporate events, birthdays, baby showers, weddings, burials, dowry payments etc

7. Aerial photography – this is any photograph taken from the air. Normally, air photos are taken vertically from an aircraft using a highly-accurate camera.

8. Photojournalism – photography that is telling the story of a newsworthy (perhaps even historic) event or scene through photographs.
9. Portrait Photography – aims to capture the personality and mood of an individual or group. Images may be candid or posed, full body or close-ups.

How to start a photography business with no experience

Perhaps you have just finished your Photography Course and you now have the skills and knowhow on doing various things. What next from here? Instead of waiting for someone to employ you, you can start something small and grow.

1. Have the right equipment

The first step towards having a successful photography business is having the right equipment. In this case, having a good camera will be the greatest asset for your business. Remember you do not need to have the entire finances to buy a brand-new camera which could be costly. What you can do is hire someone and get this done.

2. Identify your area of specialization

In other terms, this is called your niche. Get to know the type of photography you are good at. At the beginning of this article, we have a list of different types of photography and you can narrow it down to a niche that you are good at.

3. Do a good research

The success of any business is doing good research and identifying a market gap that you wish to fill. That said, do market research in your area and see the best type of photography to put. It is good to ensure your business is well-researched especially in photography so that you can thrive.

4. Have a good online presence

The world is now digital and it is important to ensure your photography business is also digital. Open a Facebook account, Instagram page, Twitter and YouTube Channel and sell the work you do. You may be surprised to find that you are getting a good number of clients from online platforms.

5. Learn, learn, learn

Things keep changing and new cameras will keep coming to the new market. Stick to learning so that you remain useful and relevant throughout.

In conclusion, photography skills can give you an advantage is this digital age. Further a photography business can give you a decent income and help you grow as a person. If you are looking for the best college in Kenya to learn photography come to Sensei College.

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