Sensei Institute has introduced new driving courses under Sensei Driving School. This is with the aim to enhance and expand the scope of equipping practical skills to more Kenyans. The new courses are Motorcycle riding and Trailer driving. These are very important classes in one’s license. The new courses take a short duration majoring on the practical skills.

Sensei Driving School is compliant with the NEW NTSA Driving school regulations. We give comprehensive drivers training on how to drive through city traffic, rural and highway driving, collision avoidance and road test preparation.

Our professional instructors give a friendly learning environment that guarantees quality output. Sensei driving school understands the need for quality driving instruction training time and we give it to you in the most professional way.


Our exam body is the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) which is also in charge of certification of training and issuance of license

Motorcycle Riding

Duration: 1 Month

Requirement: A national ID

Scope of training: We offer extensive and competent training in motorcycle riding for duration of one month of which you will receive basic mechanics in the motorcycle. Additionally, the exams are done after the training and license applied.

Trailer/ Arctic Driving

Duration: 1 Month

Requirement: A National ID and the OLD BCE license

Scope of training: We offer extensive and competent training in trailer driving during the one month course. Additionally, you have an opportunity to sit the exams and after the training is completed, the license is endorsed with the Class E which represents the Trailer.

This is a great initiative that cares for those aspiring to start their driving career as well as those who wish to take driving to much higher level.

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