Boniface Musyoka is one of the beneficiaries of a partnership between Sensei Institute and Insta Products Limited. “I have worked for Insta for 8 years and this is the most touching initiative by our employer. The skills Sensei has offered me are immense. I am proud of the college,” he says admitting that the skills he has received will indeed change his life for the better.

Insta Products Limited is a company specialized in manufacturing low-cost flour-based nutritional products for emergency feedings programs throughout East Africa. The company took an initiative to sponsor and enroll their employees for more training at Sensei.

The employees enrolled to train in the Forklift machine under Plant Operator course at the college. It was a dream-come true for the students as they started the training which could result in the best skills and relevant supporting documents like endorsed driving licenses.

According to the company, the initiative was one way of instilling the knowledge to the employees who work with machines every day at the production site. It also aimed at reducing accidents and breakdowns arising from the daily operations arising as a result of incompetence of the operators.

On his part Joseph Mbithi who has worked with the company since its inception in 2004 admits that the facilitation to train in Sensei is the best retirement benefit for him. “For me the skills I have received are the best investment so far. God bless Sensei. God bless Insta,” he concluded urging the youth to embrace blue collar jobs.

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