CCTV and Alarm Systems Installations Course


The course has been designed to equip learners on the technical requirements that are needed to install a modern CCTV system in a commercial application. The extensive practical training will enable the trainee to install and maintain a security system that will carry out the functions for which it was designed to do. Additionally the learner will have the ability to monitor and deliver results with minimum amount of disruption to either the customer or the security services.

Qualifications: National ID

Duration: 3 months

Fee Structure: The total fee for the three months is Ksh 60,000 for day scholars and Ksh 81,000 for Boarders. This fee is payable in 3 equal installments.

NB: There is a discount for those with a background in Electronics course evidenced by a Certificate from a relevant body.


1 Month

Fee structure:

The total fee for the one month is Ksh 20,000 for day scholars and Ksh 27,000 for Boarders. This fee is payable in 3 installments at the start and end of the same Month.

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