Motor Vehicle Mechanics


    Did you know that auto mechanics are on demand everywhere? As cars become more complex, auto mechanics must all learn to keep up with the new technology.
    Motor vehicle Mechanics course at Sensei enlightens you on how to maintain, repair and upgrade the engine systems, suspension, tire repair and suspension system repair.

    We offer a purely practical training on vehicle mechanics. Our training equips you with the skills required to accurately diagnose problems, and quickly fix them without further delay.

    National ID
    4 months
    Fee Structure:
    The fee for day scholars is Ksh 26,250 per month and boarders is 33,250 per month. The whole course will therefore cost Ksh 105,000 for day scholars and Ksh 133,000 for boarders. The fee is inclusive of Exam Fee and Tuition Fee. This fee is payable in 4 equal installments.

    OFFER: If you have no driving license in Motor Vehicle Driving we will train you
    for FREE. Should you want to do the exams and have your license endorsed you
    will pay an additional Ksh 10,000.


    1. ID and two copies of the same.
    2. Driver’s License (If you have one) and 2 copies of the same
    3. Passport photos
    4. Training Boots
    5. Boarders to carry blankets, bed-sheets, Toiletries, Bucket, Plate, Cup, Spoon etc.
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