Survey Assistant Course


The course is designed to teach students the basic fundamentals of land surveying which entails boundary establishment, write descriptions for legal documents, take measurements, preparing sites and charts.

The training is based on modern technologies and equipment with emphasis on hands-on practical and field work.The learner will have the ability to define types of legal descriptions and apply rules of land boundary construction, calculate and adjust data to analyze errors and derive unknown bearings, distances, coordinates, curve elements and areas. Enhancing oral and written communication skills as well as writing descriptions for legal documents will be covered in the theoretical part.

Qualifications: KCSE Certificate (Any Grade)

Duration: 3 months

Fee Structure: The total fee for the three months is Ksh 60,000 for day scholars and Ksh 81,000 for Boarders. This fee is payable in 3 equal installments.

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