Trained As A Plant Mechanic, Working As A Motor Vehicle Mechanic.

plant mechanic course

“Do what you love and don’t be afraid of the unknown!”  a quote by Emmanuel Derrick Kiplagat.

Growing up, Emmanuel faced many challenges in life; nevertheless, they made him stronger and more passionate about his dreams. He was eager to finish school and pursue them.  His parents supported him in this dream and that support was particularly helpful as it motivated him to do his best.

After completing his Form Four, he knew exactly what he wanted to do; Plant mechanics had principally occupied his thoughts from a young age, now he had the chance to fulfill his dream. With this in mind, he enrolled for the course at Sensei Institute of Technology in the month of May 2019.

The training he was exposed to was not a walk in the park; it required commitment, hard work, and a lot of time. The instructors helped him reach his full potential; they were well equipped and very helpful to him in every class, moreover, the delivery of the course was professional and exceeded his expectations.  After completing the course, Emmanuel did the NITA grade test III exam, where he passed with flying colors.

With this, he was able to acquire an attachment position at the Nandi County government – ministry of Roads department, as a Plant mechanic. This experience was mind-blowing; it gave him exposure and experience. However, after the COVID Pandemic in March 2020 things were not easy for a while. This did not discourage him, he was hopeful things would get better.  Emmanuel moved back to his home in Eldoret where shortly after, he was hired as a Mechanic at Mechtronics Solutions, a workshop that specializes in German cars.

Emmanuel is happy and satisfied at his work, working at an automotive workshop yet trained for plant mechanics has put him in a unique position. He is not satisfied with the credentials he has, in fact,he has just completed his NITA grade test II and has promised to return for Grade test I. To Emmanuel, the sky is the limit.

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