10 Questions with Peter Mwaniki, a Plant Mechanics Student.

plant mechanics
  1. What’s your full name?

My name is Mwaniki K Peter.

  1. Why did you pick to attend Sensei Institute?

I heard that Sensei Institute can help me make my future luminous and equip me with skills that I will use to enlighten my society.

  1. What are you studying?

I am training in Plant Mechanics, which also has free plant operator training.

  1. What was your first month’s experience like?

My first month was awesome everything seemed to work in my favor. I was properly attended to and I got to learn how construction machines work. Being at Sensei Institute has given me a sense of belonging.

  1. Do you feel there’s good support from students and staff?

Yes support iko, There’s a team of talented, caring, strong, and intelligent leaders in our institution.

  1. What most will you remember about Sensei when you finish training?

I won’t forget the encouragement sessions and prayer meetings. They have molded me spiritually.

  1. What sort of activities/ career events does the school have for students?

They have Daily practicals and theory classes. They also have games and student days.

  1. What is your final message to the students and Staff?

My gratitude to you for all you have done for me. I will never forget it. I truly appreciate the time you spent helping me on many occasions. Thank you very much for the course and the practical skills you have equipped me with.

  1. Any advice for Incoming Students?

It is my firm belief that education is the best way to enlighten young minds and it can only be imparted in a good environment.  Sensei Institute has what it takes. The training is presented in theory and practical by an able team of instructors. I welcome you to join.

  1. Would you recommend Sensei to others?

Yes, I would. Enrolling at Sensei Institute will be the best step to take. You can call it home.

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