15 Most Construction Mistakes You Need to Know

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Some of the most construction mistakes in Kenya can be avoided, and the easiest way is hire experts and to use the right materials.

The most common mistakes include:

  1. Uneven slabs
  2. Building on Loose soil
  3. Not allowing water to dry up completely
  4. Unapproved building material
  5. Incorrect depth
  6. Poor space planning
  7. Proper drawing and planning
  8. Proper foundation
  9. Working outside the budget
  10. Exaggerating or complicating designs
  11. Using sub-standard materials
  12. Ignoring professional advice
  13. Hiring the wrong contractor
  14. Rushing the construction
  15. Lack of inspection

The easiest way to avoid these mistakes is to hire well-trained building artisans among other things which are key to reducing building collapse.

Sensei College is celebrating 10 yrs of practical skills training for the construction industry.

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