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The Story Of Michael Chemosit

Michael Chemosit was a student at Sensei College in November 2018, during his time he trained in Driving and Plant Operator. For Michael, he didn’t have it easy growing up, however, he used them as a stepping stone to achieving his goals.

To enroll at Sensei College, Michael had to rent out his father’s farm which he had acquired as an inheritance. This farm generated enough funds for him to be fully trained.

After completing his training he was referred to huduma center in Bungoma, where he started his instructor career. A few months later, the institution was transformed into Florida Driving school. He now works as a driving instructor as well as a manager of the institution. The past 3 years have been nothing but a blessing for Michael.

Michael admits that he has had some challenges as an instructor because not all students understand the training, it’s up to him to devise ways that could work for different students. However, he loves his job, it’s exciting and fulfilling. He is grateful to Sensei for giving him the opportunity to acquire skills. In his own words, he said “Sensei has made me.”

Michael had these words of motivation to give “You have to have a goal or objective that you work towards, this will give you direction in life”

Congratulations Michael on your achievement. We wish you the very best in Life. Thank you for choosing Sensei Institute of Technology.

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