Motor Cycle Mechanics, A Retirement Plan

John Kirigia is a 65-year-old student at Sensei Institute of Technology taking a course in Motor Cycle Mechanics.
Over the years, John has seen motorcycles increase in number, often they break down near his home and he has had to safe keep those bikes at his home until the owners returned with a solution. After doing this for a while, John developed an interest in Motorcycle mechanics. At first, he taught himself the basics; over time he realized he wanted to learn more and further his knowledge. That is when he decided to enroll at Sensei Institute of Technology for the motorcycle mechanics course.
Before attending Sensei Institute, John has had an adventure career-wise. By profession, he has practiced accounting, sales and marketing, Security Consulting, and small-scale farming which he is currently practicing as a student. Moreover, he has traveled widely throughout East Africa as a marketer. Through his small-scale farming, he is funding his training at Sensei. For John farming while away is easy because he is a known farmer.
John has the vision of settling down with a Motor Cycles Mechanics workshop as his retirement plan. He has educated his 4 children and is content with where they are now. He believes that there’s no limit to Education, if he can do it anyone can. Sensei Institute has provided him with comprehensive knowledge that will help him achieve his retirement plans.
John’s partying shot – life is very unpredictable, but at any time you can make a change and go after any dream you desire no matter where you are in your current life.
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