A vehicle electronics Student shares his story of a practical training assignment.

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Peter Wainaina’s story

Peter describes this day as the most fulfilling assignment since his enrollment at Sensei Institute of Technology. He was going to practically participate in the diagnosis of wiring problem and repair of a heavy construction machinery and a motor vehicle.The heavy machinery electronics diagnostics was quite a special challenge for him. It gave him a unique opportunity for a wiring experience in a heavy machinery which he has never done before. Peter admits that he had had a very interesting time doing all this together under the guidance and training of his instructor.

Who is Peter Wainaina?

For Peter, it all started as a passion. Growing up he always had his hands on items that required wiring. The more he worked on them the more he discovered it wasn’t difficult at all.

After completing his high school education, he landed himself a job in a garage. However, upon working for a while, he discovered that he needed further knowledge on the profession in order to increase his job ability. That is when he decided to enroll for the Vehicle electronics course at Sensei Technology.

On this particular day Peter describes it as the most interesting and fulfilling day he has had since he enrolled for the course. He was assisting his instructor in diagnosing and repairing a heavy machine and a motor vehicle. The heavy machine was a step out of his comfort zone as it gave him wiring experience for a heavy machine which he has never done before.

Peter had 3 words of encouragement to his fellow students and others who may be wondering what they can do. “Believe in yourself”

Vehicle electronics is a course in Sensei Institute under the Motor Vehicle Mechanics course. Trainees can choose to specialize in vehicle wiring or do it under the wider motor vehicle course. All you need is an ID. We offer free Driving classes for students enrolling in Motor vehicle mechanics course

Here at Sensei,  we identify and acknowledge  our students strengths and  capabilities in order to task them with responsibilities that will help sharpen their skills.

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