Alumni Success Story (Tesh Mtokambali)

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Tesh Mtokambali is a lady who has indeed come from far as her name suggests. Her story is one of determination, hard work and enjoying the fruits of success. She is an Alumni of Sensei College.

Rose Waithera Mwangi AKA Tesh Mtokambali gave herself the nickname ‘Tesh Mtokambali’,  as a testimony of her journey in life.

We translate her story as told in a media station (those interested can listen to her story told in Kikuyu language to a media station via

Her Passion

Growing up, She had a passion for everything that moves mechanically- bicycles & Cars- which were countable in her village. She would often find herself working on the vehicles and due to her lack of knowledge then, almost always spoiling them. She later would see Construction Plant machines working on their local roads and her excitement with machines increased. She would stand by the roadside all day long just watching them work. All this happened at an early age before she was 18 and her desire to work in the technical field with heavy plant machinery clear.

First Career

After her high school and despite her dreams, she was enrolled in a teaching college as part of her father’s desire for her to be a teacher like him. She finished teacher training college and had several teaching jobs in various parts of the country. However, her desire to work in heavy duty construction field still disturbed her.

Changing Careers

After several teaching jobs, she finally decided to pursue her dream for Plant operator. Since she could not ask her parents for school fees again for another course, she had to think of how to raise her own fees.

Tesh Mtokambali
“People should pursue their dreams without worrying of the Obstacles” – Tesh Mtokambali

Raising fees for Plant Operator course.

She came up with a business idea to raise fees for the course by selling onions at Gilgil market. She would use a motorcycle to get onions from farms in Nyandarua- Kinamba and sell them to traders in Gilgil town. It required her to rise up very early, ride to the farms to buy the onions, and then distribute the onions to traders at the market as they supported her business venture very much.

Joining her dream course at Sensei College & her career

After she had saved enough to pursue the course, she immediately enrolled to Sensei College. She informed her parents of her decision when she was halfway into her training and had paid her fees. Her parents were very supportive as they saw her determination which had finally led her to fulfill her desire. She is very grateful to her parents for their understanding and encouragement. Now she is happily fulfilling her childhood dreams by working on heavy machinery and getting a livelihood out it.

Her advise to other youth….

Her advice to others – “People should pursue their dreams without worrying of the obstacles”. Like Tesh Mtokambali, you too can have your own story of determination and success through your own effort.


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