After studying for three different careers, plant operators’ course became best option

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The Story of Nathaniel Gitonga Marigu

Nathaniel Gitonga Marigu completed his secondary education at Mukothima day secondary school. He later joined an Aviation College to pursue a course in Sales and Marketing, Unfortunately, the branch was closed before he completed the course.   That did not discourage him from pursuing Jobs related to the field.

After his consistency and patience in applying for jobs in many different companies, he was able to land a job as a Marketer in Pepsi Cola where he worked as a salesman for 2 and half years until his contract ended.

Nathaniel was motivated to study once again; he had found an interest in general Agriculture. With this in mind, he joined another institution to pursue a Diploma in general agriculture. After taking the course for three semesters he realized he was more passionate about Plant operators. He decided to transfer from the Institution to Sensei Institute of Technology to study Plant Operator.

He took his training at Sensei very seriously; he worked hard and did the best he could.

He completed the course in November 2019 and was lucky to get an attachment.   After his attachment, Nathaniel tarmacked for 4 months. He didn’t lose sight of what he wanted, so he continued to apply for jobs until he finally got one. He was employed by LIBEX Company in June 2020. He enjoys his work as an operator and does not regret choosing to study the course at Sensei.

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