Get Driving Directions Easily Using These Apps

Driving Directions

Driving Directions are very important when going anywhere whether with friends, colleagues or relatives. As a professional driver,  who has trained in a good driving school such as Sensei you do not have any reason to be stranded the next time you are going somewhere. As long as you have a smartphone you are good to go.

In addition, having a driving route planner is also very important when embarking on any trip. Below we are going to discuss the importance of a driving route planner and also some maps that you can use for this purpose. Later on, we will discuss the best apps for driving directions

Best driving route planners you can use

  1. Badger Maps – good for field sales reps and teams
  2. Google Maps – for road trips
  3. Waze – daily commuting
  4. MapQuest – ideal simple routes
  5. Roadtrippers – good for road trips
  6. My Route Online – ideal for logistics and trucking
  7. Route XL – perfect for logistics and deliveries
  8. Speedy Route – Best for timeboxing and location reordering
  9. Flightmap – Best for delivery
  10. Maps.me – Best for road trips and traveling

Importance of driving route planner

  1. Road Trips: For finding the shortest route to your destination and for planning last-minute stops to get gas, eat, or sight-see.
  2. Outside sales: For planning out your day, optimizing your route, and visualizing key data on a map, enabling you to sell more.
  3. Delivery:  For optimizing routes, easily adjusting driver schedules/routes, and receiving real-time traffic updates.
  4. Fleet: For optimizing fleet routes, increasing communication between drivers, and reducing costs.
  5. Logistics: For streamlining logistical processes and facilitating deliveries between hubs.
  6. Trucking: For optimizing truck routes so drivers get to their customers on time.

Best apps that you can use to get driving directions easily

Google Maps

Google Maps

Google maps are very accurate when giving you driving directions. The good thing is that it is free to use and gives you directions on the driving route to use and helps you avoid traffic.

Apple Maps
This is common in IOS phones. It is more of an apple product and is ideal for those using apple gadgets


Waze was bought by Google in 2013. The main advantage is that you can connect it with Spotify accounts and even listen to music.

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