Technical Skills is the Future of Work

Technical Skills in Kenya

Technical skills will by far define the future of work. Well, what are technical skills? These are special skills, know-how and abilities to undertake duties with precision and excellence. Naturally, technical skills are practical in nature and diverse in their roles. People with specialized skills are known as technicians.

It is important to note that technical skills are not the same as soft skills. Technical skills are taught and learnt through dedication for better mastery of the concepts. Further, training is done in technical colleges with speciality in offering technical skills.

Common things that characterize technical skills

  1. They need special training and practise
  2. Are diverse depending with industries
  3. Require specialization for better mastery
  4. Have a procedural way of learning
  5. Practical skills require attention to details

Technical Skills

Importance of technical skills

It matters not the industry you wish to work with or work for in life, what matters most is the skill set you have. Whether young or old, you can choose to specialize in a technical skill for you to stand out in the job market. The good thing about skills is that you can be self-employed. Would you like to know why skills are important? Read on to learn more

Competence in skills builds confidence

There is some form of confidence that comes with having the know-how to do things. You are likely to lead a project because you have the necessary technical skills. The more skills you have the easier it is for you to grow and thrive while adapting various technologies.

Never-ending career

Do you desire to have a career that stands the test of time and never becomes obsolete? Technical skills is the place to run to. By building your skills you become reliable in a specific field and you easily grow your way up.


When you have skills you perform your tasks with ease and confidence. Further, you produce faster results in your role. This saves time and costs of doing tasks both for you as a person and the entire team.


We live in a world where the only constant thing is change. Meaning, that without technical skills you are likely to become obsolete and irrelevant. What this important is that you continue sharpening your skills as a person.

You become and remain extremely valuable

When you have some technical skills, most people and businesses will rely on you to get things done. This is because you have the technical know-how of doing things. Another advantage is that you become a key person when doing projects.

It very easy to get promotions

Skills are increasing in demand in Kenya and the world at large. By having technical skills, you are likely to land a good job and a promotion easily.

You increase your employability

People with skills are likely to get more opportunities than those without. Do you desire to become attractive to employers? Get technical skills! Further, skills make you very attractive and you stand out among competitors. The good thing is, you can get as many skills as possible as a person.

Increases your passion

To begin with, passion is very important in everything you do. Most people who excel in skills begin with only passion and they proceeded to sharpen their skills. You too can also turn your passion into a career by focusing on skills.

Bottom line

In conclusion, there are many colleges offering technical skills in Kenya. However, there is only one college that stands out in Kenya for offering practical skills by training on a full-time basis. This college is none other than Sensei College. The college has two campuses in Kenya, one in Nakuru and another one in Kitengela. Sensei College is registered by NITA, TVETA, and TVETA to offer technical skills. The intakes are every month, the first week. You can join Sensei College today and become the best person in technical skills today.


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