The story Of Operator Hellen Mtonyi

Operator Alumni
“Mchagua Jembe si Mkulima” is the Phrase  Operator Hellen Loves to use. This means that a farmer never chooses his tools. In this case, we can say “Machines”. Hellen is an Alumni of Sensei Institute class of March 2017 where she studied Plant operation
“This is the proudest accomplishment of my life,” Hellen says. She trained hard as a student, took on the machines others thought were difficult and now she is conversant with up to 8 machines. However, her favorite one is the Forklift.
After training, she was able to get an attachment at the County government of Trans Nzoia working under China Wing Company LTD as an Excavator operator in the quarry. In the year 2019, she got a job working as a Forklift operator at Pwani Oil in Mombasa where she is currently working up to date.
We asked Operator Hellen this Big question? How is it for you as a Woman in that Industry?
“The course is very marketable because it’s not common to find women in the industry. For example, in any operator interview, you can get 50 men and 1 woman, they will give the woman a priority because they want to see whether you can really do it.” Hellen answered.
She had a few other Key things to share.
1. Don’t sit and Wait, you have to learn to search for jobs and communicate your interests.
2. You have to Believe in yourself. Self-confidence sells the most
3. Set your targets at work and keep a record of your performances. This will help you know where and how to adjust yourself.
Hellen’s dream is to go abroad, and she hopes one day she will. we know that with God All things are possible. Keep soaring high our students, there is life after training if you are determined enough.

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