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KCSE results are almost out. There is a situation of uncertainty as to where next with the grade that you will have scored.

Goodnews!! Sensei Institute has a plot for you. Check this out:

Our artisan courses only require a National ID and we admit students regardless of their KCSE grade. This is a very yielding deal as one can train no matter how low they might have scored.

Variety of courses ranging from Driving school, Plant operators, Mechanics in earth movers, vehicles and Motor cycles; construction courses like masonry, roofing, tiling, electrical installation, plumbing and many more.

Our monthly intakes takes place during the first week of each month in our Nakuru and Kitengela campuses with conveniently vast land for training and enough up to date equipment to provide state of the art training. Our courses take short periods thus enabling one acquire skills that will secure a future worth smiling about.

We are HOME OF GREAT PRACTICAL SKILLS! Get in touch with us on: 0717951055/0729891301

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